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Top 5 Apps for 3D Printing using your Android Mobile [ Download ]

Top 5 Apps for 3D Printing using your Android Mobile [ Download ]

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Top 5 Apps for 3D Printing using your Android Mobile:

3D Printing… A super techy word, right? Probably many would say Yeah! or something similar to that and why not, though it was introduced way back in era of 1980s but we didn’t hear them till now.
Because it is more intended for a group of people which includes Architects, Professional Doctors etc. who wants to give a live form of the designs they have created on computer.
3D Print as you’ve guessed it till now is the method to print designs created on computer as a 3-Dimentional Objects. These objects will be very much similar to any object lying around you, you can feel the texture, hold it or do anything with that object.
To build these specialize designs, we require some tools that create these designs and for that scroll down a bit J.

Top 5 Android Apps for 3D Printing:

1. TinkerPlay

Download Link: (Not available in Play Store)

As funny the name is, similar is its actions. You’ll wooed away by the functionalities it packed inside. It is more focused on getting kids design and have their own 3D Objects. You can choose from various set of pre-loaded objects or download some cool designs. It also gives the simulation mode to test and have a look on the final model before actually printing it. This feature will be very useful since this app is designed for juniors and this will eliminate the risk of improper designs.

This app is freely available for Android as well as iOS for our elite viewers.


· Designed for Kids

· Plethora of pre-loaded content

· Simulation Mode


· Not available in Play Store

2. Blokify

Download Link:

Remember the good old times where we used to play with Building Blocks? You would love to know that Blokify does similar thing. This app is specifically for modelling and printing the designs. You can create state-of-the-art models and it lets them export to file which is widely recognizable by 3D printers. Not only 3d printers, you can even buy 3d Pen for kids these day. Though it has support limited to some popular 3D printers only but what it is providing worth grands.


· Simulate real life object easily

· Export design to known formats like STL and OBJ

· Available in Play Store


· Paid App

3. MakerBot

Download Link:

This app is for those who love to design on PC and just want a portable solution to print their designs on-the-go. This has features to remotely access the printer using cloud, control the features of the printer as well as set up the printer.

This is a product of famous company in 3D Printing MarkerBot. Newer versions of this app is discarding old good-for-nothing printers, so if you have them exchange them for a new one with some really great features or scroll your mouse up or down to know apps that support your printer.


· Remote Printing

· Trusted company’s product


· Limited to printing the desings

4. Thingiverse

Download Link:

Yet another app from the same big giant that have many options beneath the cool UI. It lets you make awesome designs and download objects like lampshades, statues and phone covers and lets you directly print them making it seemingly easy for a beginner to work out the things.

It even allows you to share your designs with your colleagues and friends. So be ready for a lot of praises and appreciation.

It is compatible with Android Devices.


· Easy to work around UI

· One tap Download of objects

· Share Designs


· Nothing major

5. OctoDroid

Download Link:

This app is specifically designed as a companion with OctoPrint Service. This has a simple UI that is sufficient for the aim of providing remote control and printing. It lets you connect with your Wi-Fi enabled printer and give commands to do anything you want sitting anywhere in the globe. It lets you check logs for any errors and keep a check on the printer while printing.

Unique thing about this app is it lets you connect your multiple printers and divide different designs to print and get them done really quick.


   · Remote Printing

   · Control and Set up printer online

   · Connect with multiple printers simultaneously

   · Cannot design, Used to print designs only

We are sure you have some great designs in mind, So Download these apps fast and send us wow.

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