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NordVPN - Fast and Secure VPN for Android [Review] [ Download ]

NordVPN - Fast and Secure VPN for Android [Review] [ Download ]

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NordVPN - Fast and Secure VPN for Android [Review]

Despite Android being the leader of mobile OS all over the world, it often falls short when it
comes to ensuring proper protection of users’ devices. Reports show that the frequency of
cyber attacks in 2017 doubled when compared to the last year. So if you don’t have a VPN app
on your Android yet, better get it now.

What is a VPN ?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network - the technology that helps to enhance your security and
privacy while browsing the Internet. NordVPN is one such service that protects your private data
by creating a secure connection between your Android device and a remote VPN server.
When you connect to one of 2000 + NordVPN servers, your IP address is hidden, and your
Internet traffic flows through an encrypted virtual tunnel. This prevents snoopers from tracking
your online activities and accessing your sensitive information, e.g., banking details. Strong
encryption becomes even more important when connecting to free Wi-Fi hotspots that are
usually poorly secured. With NordVPN enabled, your data is protected with reliable encryption
protocols and remains safe at all times, no matter what you do on the Internet.

Securing your Android device with NordVPN:

NordVPN is known as the world’s most advanced VPN, offering its users military-grade data
protection, decent connection speeds, a wide range of server options, and great customer
support. Based on intuitive functionality and minimalism, its Android app is exactly what you
need to protect your privacy on the go.

Superfast setup

Although some VPN apps are known for being complicated to set up, that’s not the case with
NordVPN. Their VPN client for Android has all the necessary configurations, so you will
download, install and be good to go in just a minute.

Easy-to- use:

NordVPN’s Android app offers smooth and fuss-free user experience. To get started, just tap on
the Quick Connect button, and you will be connected to the best server available at the moment.
The app includes an interactive map and a detailed server list showing server loads and
distance so that you can pick the best server for the fastest connection.

Massive number of servers:

One of the best things about this app—and NordVPN in general—is an impressive number of
servers located all over the world. The selection of servers is extremely important when
choosing a VPN provider—the more loaded and the further away the server is, the slower
connection you will get. Therefore, with 2000+ NordVPN servers in 60+ countries (and the
number constantly increasing), you’ll be able to enjoy superfast speeds when browsing the web

Multiple connections

While many VPN providers limit you to 3 simultaneous connections, NordVPN allows you
connecting up to 6 devices with one subscription. This means you can have it on your phone,
tablet, and laptop, and also ensure security for the whole family.

A quick look at the NordVPN Android app features:

● Connect up to 6 devices under one account;
● Choose from 2000+ servers in 61 countries;
● Enable the CyberSec feature to avoid ads and malware;
● Quickly connect to P2P, Double VPN, Onion Over VPN and anti-DDoS servers;
● Sort servers by loads and distance or connect to a recommended server.

Bottom line

The NordVPN app for Android is a must-have tool to secure your mobile traffic from being
tracked and hacked thanks to its simple interface, a decent number of servers and excellent

Download Link:-

NordVPN - Fast and Secure VPN for Android [Review] { Google PlayLink }

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